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ALICE IN SLASHERLAND: Horror Comedy - 3F, 3M

When young Lewis Diaz accidentally resurrects the soul of a brutally slain girl named Alice, he unwittingly unleashes a literal hell on Earth. Now with every imaginable kind of monster and killer ravaging his small town, it's up to Lewis and his newly undead companion along with her trash-talking demonic teddy bear and his longtime crush Margaret to save the world.

"Gleefully Silly! A sly, self-referential comedy!" - THE NEW YORK TIMES
"A witty script that paradies the slasher film genre even as it crafts an engaging action/adventure tale!" - THEATERMANIA
"Ingenius! A Critic's Pick!" - TIMEOUT NEW YORK



E-V, the last human female in all the known galaxies, along with the help of her rag-tag team of an ex-military general, a feisty spaceship pilot, and one very sarcastic robot sidekick, quests to find the last human male before he is destroyed by alien forces.

2008 NY INNOVATIVE THEATRE AWARD Nom for Best Production
"Theater for Sci-Fi Nerds!" - THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Exuberant and hilarious! A delicious intergalactic space ride!" - THEATERMANIA



When playwright Qui Nguyen refuses to finish his "Gook Story Trilogy", his main character kidnaps him and forces him to pen the story he's been avoiding 10 years to finish in this hysterical metatheatrical ride filled with racist puppets, ninjas, and one very angry David Henry Hwang!

"Ambitious Entertainment! Impressive! A Critic's Pick!" - THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Wonderful! Funny! Eye-Opening! A Critic's Pick!" - TIMEOUT NEW YORK
"Inexplicably Great!" - NYTHEATRE.COM


KRUNK FU BATTLE BATTLE: Hip-Hop Musical - 3F, 7M

When young Norman Lee accidentally offends the most notorious b-boy in Brooklyn's Chinatown, he finds himself in an all-out dance battle competition that will decide his fate as either hood's new hope or just another bustah who busted. Along with his fast-talking sidekick Wingnut and his street-tough crush Sweet Cindy Chang, Norman must learn how to groove. Originally commissioned by East West Players.
Book by Qui Nguyen, Lyrics by Beau Sia, and music by Marc Macalintal.

"High energy Hip-hop! Kinectic Eye Candy!" - LA TIMES
"Infectious Fun!" - VARIETY
"Fun! A Critic's Pick!" - BACKSTAGE


LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK: A Shakespearean Zombie Comedy - 5F, 5M

Ophelia, Juliet, and Lady Macbeth are brought back from the dead to fight the undead! When the forces of magic led by the "Rightful King of Denmark", Titania, and "The 3 Weird Sisters" begin ravaging the land of living with their magical zombie army, it's up to Fortinbras new fightign force to save humanity before it's too late.

2006 NY INNOVATIVE THEATRE AWARD Nom for Best Production
"Entertaining and raucous, occasionally crass, surprisingly moving, and entirely original! Renews your faith in what theatre can be!" - NYTHEATRE.COM
"A perfect storm of theater - and horror - geek obsessions!" - TIMEOUT NEW YORK


MEN OF STEEL: A Superhero tragi-comedy - 2F, 6M

Three interwoven tales of people with superpowers including the downfall of America’s beloved Captain Justice, the adventures of Brooklyn’s Los Hermanos Manos, and the tragic tale of an indestructible man, that ultimately collide inside the walls of a maximum security prison. A superhero story for adults.

2007 COMICCRITIQUE.COM CITATION for Best Adaptation of Comics into Other Media
"Culturally Savvy Comedy!" - THE NEW YORK TIMES
"An exhilirating, mind-bending journey! Highly recommended" - CHICAGO TRIBUNE


SHE KILLS MONSTERS: A Dungeon & Dragons Comedy - 6F, 4M

Average Agnes is finally leaving her childhood home following the death of her geeky sister, Tilly. When she stumbles upon Tilly’s Dungeons & Dragons notebook, however, Agnes embarks on an action-packed adventure to discover more about her sister than she previously cared to know. A heartwarming comedy about loss, bullies, and killing one large effin' dragon!

2012 ITBA PATRICK LEE AWARD for Outstanding Off-Off Broadway Theatre
2012 GLAAD AWARD Nom for Outstanding Off-Off Broadway Theatre
"Deceptively breezy & rather ingenious! Invigorating and remarkable! It will slash and shapeshift its way into your heart! A Critic's Pick! - THE NEW YORK TIMES
"A delight from start to finish!" - THEATERMANIA


SOUL SAMURAI: An action drama - 2F, 3M

After avenging the death of her lover, a young samurai girl named Dewdrop along with her faithful sidekick Cert must now battle through a vampire-infested Brooklyn to make it back home to the L.E.S.

2009 GLAAD AWARD Nom for Outstanding Broadway & Off-Broadway Theatre
"Explosively funny! A Critic's Pick!" - TIMEOUT NEW YORK
"Exhilirating! Side-splittingly funny and slyly intelligent! - VILLAGE VOICE
"Theater at its best! A Critic's Pick!" - BACKSTAGE

tbw TRIAL BY WATER: Drama - 2F, 3M

Hung and his brother are forced to flee a war-ridden Vietnam to America, however the the unimaginable happens when the boat they are on breaks down in the middle of the China Sea. Now Hung must must fight to hold on to his humanity amid a desperate struggle to survive. World Premiered by Ma-Yi Theater in 2006 at The Culture Project.

"This is tour de force theatre!" - TIMEOUT NEW YORK
"A beautifully written script! Heartwarming as it is heartbreaking." - NEWCITY CHICAGO
"Brilliant. A haunting journey into the true heart of darkness" - SHOW BUSINESS WEEKLY

ALIENS VERSUS CHEERLEADERS: Written for HS audiences - 6F, 4M, 4M/F

Welcome to Saint Valley High, where the girls are tough, the boys are smart, and the cheerleaders are the government secret weapon against alien invaders! Follows the story of a young goth girl Molly as she's recruited into this special fighting force against all that is extra-terrestrial! Origally commissioned by Keen Company and Playscripts.com.


BIKE WRECK - Dark Comedy, 3M

A rooking to the world of Chinese food delivery learns the rules of the game.

"Gritty pulp with philosophical depth" - TIMEOUT NEW YORK
" Funny and scary: a cautionary tale that pokes holes in our assumptions about ourselves and each other with panache, wit, and intelligence." - NYTHEATRE.COM

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